Heritage Professionals Services
At Heritage Professionals, we offer a variety of services including:
Information Management
Social Media
Heritage Event Planning
 Some of the archival services that our company offers include:

  •  Setting up a corporate or institutional archives
  • Securing and setting up an archival database
  • Arrangement and description of records
  • Acquisition of archival materials and completion of monetary appraisals (relying on outside experts for the latter)
  • Cataloguing of materials relying on the Rules for Archival Description
  • Preservation of archival records

Some of the curatorial services that our company provides include: 

  • Physical displays showcasing original artifacts or archival materials mounted in display cabinets​ as well as the production of specialized display panels with text, highlighting the history of an institution or it's unique stories accompanied by complementary images.
  • Production of specialized virtual displays that include innovative new technologies, engaging content and links to social media sites to enhance the interactivity of the product.
  • Development of specialty kiosks and displays using ipads, touch screens and other types of hardware.
​Information management is an integral program for corporations and non-profits to establish control over their holdings, enhance accessibility and accountability and create greater efficiencies within the workplace. Our products in this area include:

  • Production of inventories and file plans
  • Development of record schedules that include retention dates and keep/destroy decisions
  • Education and training sessions
  • Production of policies & procedures
  • Digitization and knowledge management products

​Our company offers basic digitizataion services such as scanning documents, photographs, booklets and other materials to preserve selected items and provide greater accessibility to your records and resources.
We have helped plan heritage events in the form of anniversary celebrations to mark important milestones or receptions that have an historical theme. 

We would be happy to talk to you about your vision and provide ideas and support to help you launch a reception that successfully reaches your target audience(s) and hits all of the right notes. 
When developing projects it is always worthwhile to link them to social media sites if you are interested in reaching a younger audience. Our company strives to produce comprehensive productions and products that draw on this rich interactive resource to promote and market your product or event as well as create a virtual community surrounding your initiative.